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At Tiburon Engineering, we pride ourselves in being a leading innovator in the big game fishing tackle industry since 1989. We invite you to take a look at our very unique and exciting products, such as our patents pending Smart Shift™ Reels , the worlds only automatic shift 2-speed lever drag fishing reels. While you’re at it, please take a look at our new single speed Quick Change™ Reels , sportsfishing’s first billet lever drag reels with interchangeable gears. If enhancing the performance of a reel you already own is your goal, then you will surely find a visit to our Tiburon Reel Frames and T-Bar Lites reel handles pages of great interest. There you will find sportfishing’s original one-piece machined aluminum reel frame conversion kits, and the industry’s original patented articulated fighting reel handles. 

Smart Shift Reels

Quick Change Reels

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